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General questions

What are binary options and how to trade on them?

A binary option is a stock market tool for making money by forecasting an increase or a decrease in the price of an asset. A trader gets profit even if the price has changed by only 1 point. For more information please check the «How to start» section.

How to start trading?

You need to register on our website: OLYMPTRADE.COM.

Right after the registration is completed, a trading account is opened automatically. You can make deposits to this account. By OLYMPTRADE the minimum trade amount is $1 / €1, and the minimal deposit sum is $10 / €10.

Binary option is a tool that is simple enough even for the beginners.

The trading algorithm consists of just several steps:

  1. Choose an asset.
    On OLYMP TRADE there are the following assets: EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, USD / RUB, AUD / USD, EURRUB, USD CAD, EUR JPY, EUR CHF, Bitcoin, Apple, Boeing, Facebook, Google, IBM, Tesla, Coca -Cola, McDonalds, Microsoft, Visa, Starbucks, RAW, Silver, Gold, BRENT, DAX, S & P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, AUD / CAD, AUD / CHF, AUD / JPY, AUD / NZD, CAD / CHF, CAD / JPY, CHF / JPY, EUR / AUD, EUR / CAD, EUR / GBP, EUR / NZD, GBP / AUD, GBP / CAD, GBP / CHF, GBP / JPY, GBP / NZD, NZD / CAD, NZD / CHF , NZD / JPY, NZD / USD, USD / SGD, USD / MXN, USD / NOK, USD / CLP, Natural gas (NG), copper, platinum, CAC 40, EURO STOXX 50, Hang Seng Index, Nikkei 225, the RUSSELL 2000, FTSE 100, BMW, Nintendo.
  2. Choose the trade amount.
    Your profit depends on the invested sum. In case of a successful trade you get up to 93% of profit. The profit depends on the volatility of the market. The higher volatility is, the bigger is your profit.
  3. Set the time of forecast execution (expiration time).
    On OLYMP TRADE there are timeframes from 1 minute up to 3 hours.
  4. Decide whether the price of an asset will increase or decrease and click either on the «UP» button (if you think that the rate will go up), or on the «DOWN» button (if, in your opinion, the rate will go down).
  5. Wait for the trade execution.

How can I delete my account?

The account can only be blocked. For blocking of your account you need to contact Clients Support team via our email or you can call us: +357 22007136

What is market volatility?

Volatility is a variability in the exchange rate for a specific period of time. In other words: this is a financial statistical indicator of the variability of prices. For traders this is a very important factor, because when selecting an asset, one must know what fluctuations it is subjected to. The value of volatility makes it possible to assess the risk of investment in a particular asset. The higher the volatility is, the higher is the risk. At the same time, the value-in volatility also makes it possible for a trader to assess the potential profit.

What is the trade time (expiration time)?

This is a time period, upon the expiry of which a trade is closed automatically, i.e. is executed. On OLYMPTRADE you can choose trade time from 1 minute up to 3 hours.

Please note that you can cancel a trade. In case you have realized that your forecast is incorrect, and the chart is moving in the wrong direction after the trade has been opened, you can cancel your trade and avoid total loss of your investment sum. In «My Trades» section (in the Sell column ) you can see the return amount in case of the trade cancelation (you can receive back up to 120% of the investment sum depending on the time of cancellation of a trade). If you want to cancel a trade, you need to click on the button with the return amount and then confirm the early sell.

What are assets?

Assets include currency pair, stocks, indices, and commodities. These underlying assets are the foundation of any binary option. The asset price is written in option contract. When trading binary options, currency pairs, commodities (gold, oil), as well as key stock indices and stocks are available. You can check the whole list of available assets in the «Assets» section on our website.

What is asset liquidity?

Liquidity is a capability of an asset to be sold quickly with the minimum monetary losses connected with the speed of realization. In other words, to be liquid means - to be turned into money. Currencies are considered to be the most liquid assets. The second place is occupied by the gilt-edged stocks. On the stock market liquidity depends on the number of opened trades with an asset, and the number of the current buy and sell offers. The third place is occupied by the precious metals. Such metals as gold, silver, platinum, palladium are commodities. Their price is determined in the world trade centres in New York and London. Ingots of these metals can potentially be sold at any time and with minimal losses.

The more liquidity this or that asset has, the less risky it becomes for the investors.

What are call and put options?

A call option is an option that is bought in case a trader considers that the expiration price of the chosen asset will be higher than at the time it was purchased.

Put option is an option that is bought in case a trader considers that the expiration price of the chosen asset will be lower than at the time it was purchased.

You can check the meaning of other important option terms in the section «Terms».

What is a trading system?

It is a system of several components, which helps a trader to decide on the trade opening. The system includes one or more analysis tools (fundamental, technical, graphical analysis), specific conditions of their use, the rules of money management and psychological settings. "Trading Strategy" - algorithm for the use of indicators and other analytical tools as well as a set of specific rules for opening trades with them. Trading strategy is included in the Trading System.

Do I lose my investment amount in case buying price matches expiration price?

No, it is not. In this case the whole invested amount is returned to a trader.

Do I need any training before getting started?

It will be enough for a beginner to have general knowledge and the access to economic news. You can check the principles of option trading by studying our «Education» section and by watching the «Webinars» held by our analysts.

Financial questions

How to calculate my profit?

Your profit from a trade can be up to 93% of the invested amount. The profit is directly related to the return percent. The higher the return percent is, the bigger is your profit.

The return percent depends on several factors:

  1. Market situation (volatility, liquidity)
  2. Balancing in the company. The automatic risk algorithm determines the number of open trades for buy and sell on each asset. As a rule, balance of sellers and buyers is approximately identical. In case there is overweight in one of the parties, the company reduces the return percent of an asset, on which the imbalance is observed, in order to cover the expenses. But, anyway, the profit received as a result of successful trades, is paid to the clients in full.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is 10 $ / 10 €.

What is the minimum trade amount?

The minimum trade amount with OLYMP TRADE is 1 $ / 1 €.

Is there any fee for depositing or withdrawing funds?

No, there is not. OLYMP TRADE covers all commission.

How to make a deposit?

In order to make a deposit to your account, you need to choose the «Deposit» section in your Private Area, choose the payment method, fill in the deposit amount (minimum amount is 10$ / 10€), and then click on the «Deposit» button. You will offered a deposit bonus. If you do not wish to receive this bonus, you should click on the «Cancel bonus» button and follow the instructions.

Deposit methods

You can make a deposit from the e-wallets of the following payment systems: Webmoney, NETELLER, Skrill, Fasapay. Or you can use your Visa or MasterCard bank card for depositing.

Can I use my bank card for depositing?

Yes, you can. OLYMPTRADE offers the bank card deposit option.

How can I withdraw funds?

In order to withdraw funds you need to submit a request in your Private Area. Please choose «Withdrawal» section, select the withdrawal method, fill in the amount and click «Submit a request».

Maximum withdrawal period is 5 working days, though we always try to process it as fast as possible. Generally, 90% of requests are processed within 24 hours or on the next business day.

Withdrawal methods

You can withdraw funds only to the wallet / bank card that was used for making a deposit. Withdrawals are processed to the following e-wallets: NETELLER, Webmoney, Fasapay, Skrill or to your bank card. You need to submit a withdrawal request and it will be processed within 5 business days.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 / €10 depending on the currency of your account.

Trading platform

What is a trading platform?

It is a combination of technical and software means that allows users (traders) make trading operations and provide them with access to current information about financial markets.

Do I need to download any software to my PC for trading?

No, you don't need to download any program. You can use a trading platform online on the Olymp Trade website.

How can I check my trading history?

You may check your trading history in the «My trades» section in your Private Area.

What time is shown in the terminal?

The time that is shown on the platform corresponds to the user time (according to your time zone).

Why doesn't a trade open immediately?

It normally takes a few seconds to get the data from the server, that is why a trade does not open immediately. Usually this process takes from 3 to 4 seconds.

How can I cancel a trade?

On the OLYMP TRADE platform you can close a trade before the time of the binary option expires. You have 5/6 of established time to close a trade early. Thus, 2 mechanisms of percent calculation of return are possible. For the trades lasting less than 15 minutes the percent of return depends on time: the earlier you close a trade, the higher percent you get. As much as possible you can receive back up to 60% of the invested sum. For the trades lasting 15 minutes and more other mechanism of percent calculation of the return is active. In this case not only the time of early closing of the trade is considered, but also the current market cost of a binary option. In this case as much as possible you can receive up to 120% of the invested sum, that is you can even lock in the net profit of 20% from selling of the purchased option.

What should I do if there is a system error while loading the platform?

When facing any technical errors, first of all it is recommended to clean cache and cookies in your browser. It is also necessary to check that the last version of the installed browser is used. If the above explained action and the page reloading are of no help, and the error still appears, please contact technical support service.

What day time is considered to be the most active trading time?

The activity of trading with currencies depends on the time of the main trading floors and increases in times of major economic news publication. The most active trading sessions are the European and American ones, so, for example, the European session lasts from 06:00 am to 03:00 pm UTC. The US session lasts from 01:00 pm to 10:00 pm UTC.

Please note that trading on the currency pair USD / RUB is held from 07:00 am to 05:00 pm UTC.

Is there a training account?

We offer a demo account with 10 000 virtual balance in order to test the benefits of our trading platform.

What is the minimum trade amount?

The minimum trade amount with OLYMPTRADE is 1 $ / 1 € (depending on your account currency).

What is the maximum trade amount?

The maximum trade amount is 2000 $ /2000 € (depending on your account currency).

The maximum trade amount for VIP clients is 5000 $ / 5000 € (depending on the account currency).

Are there any limits on trade amounts?

The maximum trade amount on one trading asset for common clients is 10 000 $ / 10 000 € (depending on the account currency).

The maximum trade amount on one trading asset for VIP clients is 10 000 $ / 10 000 € (depending on the account currency).

The maximum trade amount on all trading assets for all clients is 20 000 $ / 20 000 € (depending on the account currency).

What is the line chart?

This is a type of continuous chart which is based on the price flow. This chart represents the line dependence between constantly changing stock quotes and is formed online.

What is the candlestick chart?

This is a chart type that is formed out of the Japanese candles. It differs from the line chart, as candles are based on the certain time period data (timeframe) instead of drawing line by the price flow. For example, a candle with the 15-second timeframe means that the candle body is formed within 15 seconds and a new candle starts after this period finishes.

There are three types of candles:

  1. A green candle means that the price has increased over the period.
  2. A red candle means that the price has declined over the period.
  3. An unformed candle means that the price has not changed over the given period.

The candlestick chart is very informative for technical analysis.

What are Heiken Ashi candles?

Heiken Ashi candles is the indicator, that systemize the candle chart, dampen price fluctuations and make it clearer and more visual. It is a useful and popular instrument among modern traders.

Heiken Ashi uses a special formula which contains:

  • Heiken Ashi open level - the average value of open and close prices of the previous standard candle (Close + Open)/2
  • Close level - the average value of the high, low, open and close prices of the current candle (Min+Max+Open+Close)/4;

Therefore, the high is the highest value among the open, close and high prices of the current candle; the low is the lowest value among the open, close and low prices of the current candle.

Heiken Ashi has the following types:

  1. Green candle with no lower shadow - strong upward movement
  2. Green candle with a shadow - usually appears at the beginning or at the end of the upward movement
  3. Candle with a small body and long shadows from both sides - indicates the possible tendency changes.
  4. Red candle - usually appears at the beginning or at the end of the downward movement
  5. Red candle with no upper shadow - strong downward movement

The main disadvantage of Heiken Ashi indicator is the lag behind the price chart.

What is a timeframe?

It is time "scale" of the prices on the trading platform. If choosing a timeframe of 10 minutes on the line chart, it is possible to see part of the price chart for the last 10 minutes. If choosing, for example, "5 minutes" timeframe on the chart of Japanese candles, each candle will show how the price was changing for this period (was increasing - candle will be green, was decreasing - red).

On the platform there are the following time intervals: 15 seconds, 1, 5, 15 minutes.

What is zoom?

Zoom is an additional chart feature that helps using more historical data within 24 hours. This feature allows a trader to scroll through the history of the chart for a while ago, zoom in and out certain chart pieces. Zoom scrolling is necessary for technical analysis, aimed to find patterns in the historical period of the chart. On OLYMP TRADE zoom is located below the chart quotes.

What is a risk-free trade?

Example: risk-free trade limit is 100 USD. It means that after its activation, you may open a trade for no more that 100 USD. In case of losses, we will return up to 100 USD to your trading account.

You may activate the trade amount which is less than risk-free trade limit. Example: risk-free trade limit is 100 USD. You have activated the risk-free trade, but entered 80 USD as "trade amount". In case of losses we will return 80 USD to your account. However, the difference between the risk-free trade limit and the chosen trade amount won't be returned.


Do I need to be authorized?

Client’s account authorization is held upon the request of the financial department. In case a client has to be authorized, the representatives of the financial department contact him/her via phone call or send him/her a letter to the e-mail address specified by the client during the registration. The following documents are required:

  • 1st document: the colored copy (scan, photo) of the passport;
  • 2nd document (any of the following): the colored copy (scan, photo) of international passport, driver license or utility bill.

Where should I send the documents?

Upon receipt of the request for the authorization, all the necessary documents must be sent to the e-mail together with the indication of the login (login is the email address that was specified by the Client during the registration).

How long does authorization take?

All documents sent by the client will be processed within one business day.

How can I know the result of documents verification?

When verification procedure is completed, the client receives notification letter to the email address, specified during the registration.