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How to start. What are binary options and how to trade with them?

Binary options are one of the most profitable and transparent instruments of financial markets

The very idea of trading with binary options is to forecast changes in the price of a particular asset (a currency pair or a commodity). You do not need to know the exact rate to earn profits, you just need to forecast whether the price is going to rise or decline, i.e. whether the chart is going up or down.

While trading binary options, you could make a profit by simply defining whether USD will be cheaper or more expensive against RUB.

Trading terms

Every binary option trader knows in advance all the risks and the amount of profit he / she can receive. Profits and risks are fixed before trading! The profit can reach up to 80% of their initial investment!

Besides, binary options are simple and apprehensible. Trading on them does not require large investments. The minimum trade amount on the OLYMP TRADE platform is just 1 $, and the minimum deposit amount is 10 $ only.

How it works

Binary options are a simple and user friendly tool for beginners. All you need is to follow several easy steps:

Choose your asset

Choose your asset

Usually beginners start to trade on currency pairs. OLYMP TRADE offers EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDRUB, AUDUSD, EURRUB, USDCAD, as well as commodities: Brent Crude oil, gold and silver.

Choose your trading amount

Choose your trading amount

Your possible profit depends on your investment. So in case of successful forecast you get up to 80% of profit from your initial investment.

Choose your expiration time

Choose your expiration time

Make a forecast

Make a forecast:

Decide on whether the price of an asset should go up or down.

Sell Out Trade

Sell Out Trade

In order to sell out a trade before the expiry on OLYMP TRADE web-platform, please follow instructions: the refund amount for option sell out is shown in the “Sell out” column of “My trades” section (this amount will return back to your account). If you decide to close the trade before the expiry, you should press this button.

Trading binary options is much easier and more comfortable than trading with any other financial instruments

None of the investment tools, as well as the bank deposit, will allow you to achieve such a large profit in a short period of time.

Working with binary options does not imply having profound knowledge of the market and the study of complex trading terminals. You do not need to download any additional software. Some basic knowledge of the market and the access to economic news will be enough for getting profit.