1-Click Service Terms and Conditions

1. By filling out the form of payment with the bank (payment) card information, checking (ticking) the "Save the card" check-box, and clicking on the payment confirmation button, the Client expresses his full consent to these terms and conditions and authorizes the payment services provider to store the Client's full name, the card expiration date, and Permanent Account Number (PAN) (hereinafter referred to as "Credentials on File" (COF)) and automatically, without additional authorization to process the transactions initiated by the Client using COF and to debit from the Client's bank (payment) card at the Client's request the funds determined by the Client to replenish the Client's account balance at the Company without re-entering the Bank (payment) card data (hereinafter referred to as 1-Click service).
2. Description of 1-Click services: to replenish the Client's account balance in the Company's accounting system for transactions between the Client and the Company in accordance with the Agreement between these Parties.
3. The following information will be provided in the transaction confirmation: card number (partial), transaction amount, commission (if applicable), transaction currency, transaction date, Company location.
4. The Client acknowledges and agrees that confirmation of the use of the 1-Click service will be provided to the Client within 2 (two) business days to the Client's e-mail address.
5. By using the 1-Click service, the Client confirms that he is the owner (authorized user) of the bank card, the Credentials on File for which are used to provide 1-Click service.
6. The Client assumes full responsibility for all payments made by the Client to replenish the Client's account balance at the Company. The Company and/or the payment service provider provides only payment in the amount indicated by the Client.
7. After the payment confirmation button is clicked, the payment is deemed to have been processed and is irrevocably executed. By filling out the payment form, the Client confirms that he is not violating the current legislation of any country. By filling out the payment form and accepting the terms of this section, the Client, as the owner of the bank (payment) card, confirms that he has the right to use the services offered by the Company.
8. By starting to use the website and/or trading terminal, the Client assumes legal responsibility for compliance with the legislation of any country where the website and/or the trading terminal are used, and the Client confirms that he has reached or exceeded the age of majority that is legally permitted in the jurisdiction where the website is used. The Client confirms that the payment service provider is not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized violation of the prohibitions on the use of the website and/or the trading terminal.
9. These Terms and conditions come into force upon successful authorization (or verification) by the issuing bank of the Client's card and the Company`s receipt of the Client's consent to these Terms and conditions.
10. The Client confirms that 1-Click service will remain in effect until the Client or the Company cancels it. The 1-Click service terms, as well as the cancellation procedure, are available in clause 8 of the Non-trading Transactions Regulation and KYC/AML Policy.
11. The Company will notify the Client about any amendments to these Terms and conditions 2 (two) business days before such amendments become effective.
12. The payment services provider is not responsible for the refusal/inability to process the Client's payment card data, or for a refusal associated with the failure to receive permission to make payment using the Client's bank (payment) card from the bank that issued the bank (payment) card. The payment services provider is not responsible for the quality or scope of the Company's services offered on the website. The Client is obliged to comply with the rules and requirements established by the Company when making a deposit on the Client's account. The payment services provider only makes the payment and is not responsible for any pricing, general prices, and/or total amounts.
13. The Client agrees to use email to communicate: [email protected].
14. If you have any questions related to this Agreement, please contact us via [email protected].
15. If the Client does not agree to these terms and conditions, the Client is obliged to cancel the payment promptly and, if necessary, to contact the Company directly at [email protected].