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Tehnical Analyst

Multi-level analysis

Webinar is dedicated to the combinations of standard indicators and the indicators and oscillators which are not often used and widely known, but are efficient.
For beginners

Psychology. Introduction to Money Management

Do you think that psychology and the exact science have little in common? Far from it! Trading is chock full of emotional upheavals that directly affect your success and how you manage your funds while you’re trading. To gain insight, particularly into yourself, and learn how your internal state affects your budget, be sure to come to our webinar. Lead analyst Alexei Serov will talk about the basic mistakes that traders make, the psychological challenges they face and, naturally, how to deal with them. He’ll also introduce the concept of money management and explain the smart way to use it in binary trading.
For beginners

Technical Analysis. Candlesticks and the Moving Average

What is technical analysis? What is it good for and what is it based on? You’ll find all this out during this webinar. Our analyst will also talk about key principles for the formation of candlesticks and the use of the “moving average.” He’ll demonstrate how to use our “Let’s Move with the Average” strategy and highlight its pluses and minuses.
For beginners

Trade and Economic Calendar News

What is a trade and economic calendar? What is the right way to use it? How do you relate fundamental analysis data to your trading plan? You’ll get answers to all these questions during our webinar. You’ll also learn about the “binary gambit” strategy, and our analyst will talk about its basic principles and how to use it.
For beginners

Introduction to platform

How to trade binary options on the Olymp Trade platform? If you have not yet discovered all the capabilities of the platform, this introductory webinar is for you! Our analyst will demonstrate the platform functionality and will guide you through all the steps: starting from registration to the real trades opening. Join us and start your way to the financial markets!
For beginners

Introduction to binary options

Webinar Program: 1. Binary options - it's simple. Introduction into trading. Main benefits. 2. Platform features, web/app trading 3. Referral system overview 4. Trading strategies: overview of 2 different methods and systems of trading 5. Presentation of VIP account, it's benefits 6. Bonus system 7. Special 8. Q&A